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The London Voluntary Service Council is the collaborative leader for London’s VCS. This website contains information on LVSC’s employment and skills work. For more information about other areas of our work, including health and criminal justice, visit the main LVSC website

Current employment and skills projects

  • VCS Assist 2.0: part funded by the European Union, this project aims to support voluntary sector organisations access ESF
  • Employment and skills policy work: funded by Trust for London, LVSC provides policy, research and practical support to voluntary sector employment and skills providers in London. Visit our news page for more information.

Past employment and skills projects

  • VCS Assist was a EU part funded programme supporting the voluntary sector in the 2007-2013 cycle. It ended in August 2015.
  • Getting London Ready was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and supported VCS organisations wishing to access Building Better Opportunities by delivering skills training and information and networking events. It ended in September 2015.