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AAF is an accredited training organisation with 20 years’ experience working mainly with BME communities. We are Matrix accredited and have successfully delivered a number of skills and employment programmes including London Councils/ESF and European Integration Fund. We offer training facilities, excellent links and networks within diverse networks and great professionalism.

Best Practice People Limited

Working in London Boroughs falling in Kent, Essex and Surrey, we offer fully funded training for volunteers, employed individuals and unemployed individuals, including NEET’s. Typically we offer skills to achieve an improved employment status and income. These range from vocational qualifications, such as Digital Media, IT, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitality, Logistics) to Maths & English.

Our goal is twofold, to help individuals grow themselves through skills development, and to help businesses economic growth through up skilling their staff

Construction Youth Trust is a charity helping young people in England and Wales to build better futures by giving them access to training, education and employment opportunities in the construction industry.
We support young people whose journey to work may be challenging due to barriers such as financial circumstances, lack of awareness of opportunities, low self-esteem, gender or ethnicity.

We inspire and support young people with a passion for construction through education, practical work experience and employment brokerage.

We work in partnership to deliver free courses that provide practical work experience as well as careers advice.

Family Psychological Services UK is a charity based in South East London. We provide low-cost counselling and psychotherapy to adults, couples, families and children. We also offer parenting workshops. We work closely with Children’s Centers, GPs, IAPT and schools to offer and promote counselling for adults and children. As part of this partnership we will extend our work and provide sessions at various other locations.

We can bring a track record in delivering on family learning, some employment and working with young people We have some very experienced staff and volunteers who can do a good job. We are experienced in partnership delivery, management and support.

We are an OISC level 3 immigration adviser. We also provide one to one counselling to women who experienced gender-based violence and provide therapeutic activities to them. We run Homework club for young refugee and migrant carers.

We work primarily with refugees and migrants in London but with focus in Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark, Bromley and Bexley. 80% of our clients are migrant and refugee women who face poverty and isolation. Many of them are work ready and preparing themselves to get into employment by attending our ESOL and Literacy classes.
As an organisation, we have a long history of providing quality services to our clients. We are financially healthy, organisationally capable with skilled and committed staff and trustees. We are competent in managing projects and our Director was an ESF Officer helping organisations navigate the complexities of applying to, monitoring and reporting ESF projects.

As a partner, we will help achieve the targets by helping women get into employment, tackle financial literacy and break language barriers. We have an established women’s project running since 2008.

RedbridgeCVS delivers employment & skills and health projects. RedbridgeCVS delivers both as a lead and subcontractor for ESF/London Councils, SFA and DWP funded projects.

RedbridgeCVS has an excellent track record developed over 7 years for achieving contracted targets on DWP, ESF/London Councils, Big Lottery, SFA and local authority funded provision. We have established partnerships in place with 3 local authorities, 5 jobcentres, 2 colleges, 8 employers and 2 apprenticeship providers in order to progress participants into positive outcomes. We have an effective delivery model and performance management systems, which minimise underperformance. We can add further value to provision because we have our own volunteer centre to set up volunteering opportunities for participants, health projects that enable project participants to access health advice and free exercise classes.

SEEC is a social enterprise supporting people with Mental Health issues and Autism into employment. We are an expert in this specialist area, working across Dept of Health and DWP to provide a bridge between these departments, enabling clients to the best position to gain employment. We have excellent local links within the three boroughs and work in partnerships with local authorities and other providers.
SEEC’s mission is that everyone can enjoy the benefits of working life, recovery is achievable for all and the right employment can be a key principle in the recovery journey.

St Giles Trust aims to break the cycle of disadvantage and offending by supporting people to change their lives. We currently work with 15,000 people across the UK helping them to build a positive future.
We have an excellent record of delivering high quality skills and employment services, exceeding contract targets, and meeting funders’ requirements. There are strong links to local partners and employers.
Our award winning Peer Advisor Programme for ex-service users brings unique credibility to our work. Peer Advisors follow a programme of training and placement whilst gaining an A & G L3 qualification and progressing into employment.

Brightside is an online mentoring organisation, supporting young people through their education and career decisions. Our mentoring platform can be branded, requires no software installation and can be accessed from anywhere. Brightside can manage projects in-house- including moderation of activity, liaising with all participants and reviewing engagement reports and messages for evaluation.

Mentoring models can be designed to flexibly fit around existing interventions, enhancing the experience for scheme participants and ensuring impressive outcomes are achieved- e.g. by providing a young person with a mentor during their first months at a new work placement/apprenticeship to ensure longer-term retention rates are secured.