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Access to target client group. Considerable ESF experience. Corporate resources.

AAF is an accredited training organisation with 20 years’ experience working mainly with BME communities. We are Matrix accredited and have successfully delivered a number of skills and employment programmes including London Councils/ESF and European Integration Fund. We offer training facilities, excellent links and networks within diverse networks and great professionalism.

Best Practice People Limited

Working in London Boroughs falling in Kent, Essex and Surrey, we offer fully funded training for volunteers, employed individuals and unemployed individuals, including NEET’s. Typically we offer skills to achieve an improved employment status and income. These range from vocational qualifications, such as Digital Media, IT, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitality, Logistics) to Maths & English.

Our goal is twofold, to help individuals grow themselves through skills development, and to help businesses economic growth through up skilling their staff

Blue Sky is an award-winning charity that solely employs ex-offenders for 6 months and offers them a package of rehabilitation support whilst with us (training, housing support, mentoring and jobs brokering). We operate over 20 commercial contracts around London and anticipate having more than 100 vacancies to offer ex-offenders this year alone. We have a track record of successfully delivering ESF programmes in the past – notably being part of London Probation’s PIANO programme where we achieved all the employment and training outcomes assigned to us. We are also currently a specialist provider to Reed and A4e on the DWP’s

experience and expertise of working with disabled people since 1993. In that time we have worked closely with Royal Mencap to deliver a number of ESF projects, as well as DWP funded Work Preparation and Work Choice Programmes. We have an excellent relationship with Bromley Council and have helped them to deliver their very successful Thyme Out Project as well as the JEDI Programme (Jumpstart Employment & Develop Initiative). In 2002 we introduced the Job Carving method to the London Borough of Bromley. Our partnership work with Bromley College has resulted in effective progression routes for student leavers wanting to enter the world of work.

Bromley Mencap is an award-winning, user-led independent registered charity and its most recent award was announced in June when we won the 2015 Business Excellence Award for Best Person Centred Provider – London.

We are a small BME Housing Association which operates in South London. We have a wealth of experience in working with women and their housing issues. We are committed to the provision of social housing and providing services to bring additional opportunities to our residents. We have a sound governance structure, a sound financial base and a board member with substantial experience of applying and obtaining EU grants . We have a number of ideas to develop into projects which we hope can attract EU funding.

We can bring a track record in delivering on family learning, some employment and working with young people We have some very experienced staff and volunteers who can do a good job. We are experienced in partnership delivery, management and support.

HCT Group is a leading provider of public transport and related training services in the UK whilst promoting the concepts of social justice and equality for all. The combination of its services has led to its partnership working with other bus operators such as First, East London, Metrobus, Go Ahead, Abellio, CT Plus, etc. over the last 8 years. It prides itself in delivering end-to-end sector (transport and logistics) specific skills and employment support to BAME, lone parent, women, long term unemployed, who want to work and are prevented from doing so by a range of barriers. HCT has established partnership management structure which it adopts for its projects.

We are an OISC level 3 immigration adviser. We also provide one to one counselling to women who experienced gender-based violence and provide therapeutic activities to them. We run Homework club for young refugee and migrant carers.

We work primarily with refugees and migrants in London but with focus in Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark, Bromley and Bexley. 80% of our clients are migrant and refugee women who face poverty and isolation. Many of them are work ready and preparing themselves to get into employment by attending our ESOL and Literacy classes.
As an organisation, we have a long history of providing quality services to our clients. We are financially healthy, organisationally capable with skilled and committed staff and trustees. We are competent in managing projects and our Director was an ESF Officer helping organisations navigate the complexities of applying to, monitoring and reporting ESF projects.

As a partner, we will help achieve the targets by helping women get into employment, tackle financial literacy and break language barriers. We have an established women’s project running since 2008.

We are a small charity based in Bromley and we work in local communities, delivering media training and programs, sports activities and mentoring support services to young people and adults. To achieve this LWFCI-UK will like to partner with organisation that has funding in place or are willing to doing joint bid for funding around any of our project or subject areas such as training in Media for young people and adults, support in CV writing and any employer ability initiatives, sports activities, tutoring for children with special needs, mentoring support services to young people and adults, providing opportunity for volunteering and work placement in media industry. We can bring a track record in delivering on media training, basic online IT, and working with young people. We have some very experienced staff and volunteers who can do a good job. We are experienced in project delivery, management and support. We are passionate about empowering young people and adults from disadvantaged background.