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Action for Children is a large national charity with a long history of supporting children, young people and families. We have a presence across London, with a range of work including young carers services, short breaks for children with disabilities and services for children in care. We are keen to use our nationwide expertise working with children, young people and families in areas such as youth employability and training, supporting families to be work ready and helping young people with disabilities access the job market through the Building Better Opportunities funding, and are interested in being either a Lead or Delivery partner.

AoD has a track record of supporting disabled people furthest from the workplace into sustainable jobs. We are a user led disability organisation with a number of large corporate partners. We use a combination of evidence based methods to support people into work as well as trialling new approaches. Our results are substantially better than the specialist government funded programmes.

20 years of experience supporting carers in Brent. A reliable and sound partner, with a range of skills and expertise to contribute to well to employability objectives of carers and the ESF Fund. Flexibility to adopt to the changing needs of the sector and a partnership.

Experience of managing and recruiting volunteers, managing large grants. We also have a national and local presence and dedicated statutory fundraising team.

Capital Apprenticeships deliver a wide range of training and educational programmes including: Apprenticeships, Employability, ESOL, and a wide range of industry training and development programmes. We work extensively in the three boroughs meeting the needs of local people and employers. We also have a wide network of community groups in order that we can help disadvantaged people gain skills, confidence and access to gainful employment. We have been very successful in finding candidates for vacancies with employers but we encounter very significant issues about candidates’ job readiness and seek other partnerships where we can help to meaningfully address this issue.

We would be interested in being a host organisation for specialist skilled support for carers into employment, or a local delivery partner. Experience – we ran a successful very small scale pilot project supporting carers into employment. We worked with 30 carers in Westminster to encourage them into an employability programme, training courses and supported volunteering. Reach – we have regular contact with more than 3,000 carers in the central London boroughs of Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham. Quality – we are a highly professional organisation with a track record of meeting stretching targets and delivering local authority contracts as well as trust funded work. Responsive – carers needs are constantly changing and we are well-versed in adapting what we do to better suit the needs of our beneficiaries. Meeting needs – CN is a well-established local player with a long history of providing carer support, advice and advocacy, events, trips, information and support. We administer small grants programmes and organise very successful local events.

Deliver a training programme for carers
Volunteering opportunities for carers we have 158 volunteers registered who support our work
Have a database of over 4,500 carers
We are very well networked across the borough and have excellent local knowledge
We deliver a range of projects including
Memory Lane Dementia Resource Centre providing a 24+ day care placement for people living with dementia and offering a resource centre for carers
Welfare benefit and income maximisation service
Young carers project including a young adult carers project
Social and peer support groups
Mental health project supporting carers
Parent carer project
Twice yearly newsletter
Carerstrust network partner
We are funded by a number of sources including local authority, health, and trust funders and able to deliver successful projects and produce timely reports.

As a provider of home based respite we will be able to provide substitute care to enable carers to access the project.

Carers Trust Thames

Carers Trust Thames has a 35 year history of providing respite breaks for carers, primarily by providing replacement care. This respite care is required for carers whilst they access advice about work and benefits, attend training, prepare for work activities and eventually attend work. Without respite care many carers will be unable to engage. Carers Trust Thames is part of the national Carers Trust network which includes carers centres across much of London. Carers Trust Thames also provides homecare services for people with a disability and elderly frail people, and assists them to continue living in their own homes.

Central Africa’s Rights & AIDS (CARA) Society

CARA defends the legal rights of poor people who cannot afford a lawyer and helps them to save their homes, keep their jobs and protect their loved ones. We also provide HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, striving to reduce premature deaths, providing quality basic education for all (especially girls), water and sanitation.

To continue the work that CARA provides in the UK and Africa, we rely on people like you. Please consider helping us with a monthly, or you can make a one-off donation, to our work.