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AoD has a track record of supporting disabled people furthest from the workplace into sustainable jobs. We are a user led disability organisation with a number of large corporate partners. We use a combination of evidence based methods to support people into work as well as trialling new approaches. Our results are substantially better than the specialist government funded programmes.

ATN, a registered charity, is interested in acting both as a lead and a delivery partner. ATN has 16 years experience in both roles in a wide range of 76 Skills for Life, vocational skills and employability projects. ATN currently delivers two large ESF SFA adult skills contracts and the ESF Community Work Placements Project as a delivery partner.
ATN has spare room capacity in its five delivery premises in Ealing, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Barking and Newham and has excellent QA and MI systems including a proactive and problem solving approach in meeting KPIs, which it can share in a partnership.

Best Practice People Limited

Working in London Boroughs falling in Kent, Essex and Surrey, we offer fully funded training for volunteers, employed individuals and unemployed individuals, including NEET’s. Typically we offer skills to achieve an improved employment status and income. These range from vocational qualifications, such as Digital Media, IT, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitality, Logistics) to Maths & English.

Our goal is twofold, to help individuals grow themselves through skills development, and to help businesses economic growth through up skilling their staff

Blue Sky is an award-winning charity that solely employs ex-offenders for 6 months and offers them a package of rehabilitation support whilst with us (training, housing support, mentoring and jobs brokering). We operate over 20 commercial contracts around London and anticipate having more than 100 vacancies to offer ex-offenders this year alone. We have a track record of successfully delivering ESF programmes in the past – notably being part of London Probation’s PIANO programme where we achieved all the employment and training outcomes assigned to us. We are also currently a specialist provider to Reed and A4e on the DWP’s

Carers Trust Thames

Carers Trust Thames has a 35 year history of providing respite breaks for carers, primarily by providing replacement care. This respite care is required for carers whilst they access advice about work and benefits, attend training, prepare for work activities and eventually attend work. Without respite care many carers will be unable to engage. Carers Trust Thames is part of the national Carers Trust network which includes carers centres across much of London. Carers Trust Thames also provides homecare services for people with a disability and elderly frail people, and assists them to continue living in their own homes.

Centrepoint works with over 500 young people across our 33 London services. Every young person who arrives at Centrepoint receives a health and learning assessment which then informs support plans within our Support Model approach comprising health, learning and key workers. We work with young people to address their health needs. Centrepoint has extensive experience of the issues that homeless young people face. Support is tailored for each young person. We deliver a functional skills programme including qualifications in Maths, English and ICT. We run the Workwise programme, a sector-based work academy and progressed 70 young people into employment over the last year. We deliver a Sports and Volunteer programme which motivates young people who are furthest away from the labour market who arrive in crises with high level needs to progress onto EET activities. The results of our family mediation pilot project in Lewisham showed that 82% of young people improved their family relationships.

EBSI are based in London and are well known as the local provider of work experience and employability skills programmes to over 30 schools in the area. On an annual basis we work with around 15,000 students. We have very good contacts with local schools and over 4,000 employers on our database. We are very well placed to work with providers on NEET, or Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes, and have good links to take these programmes into schools. We also have the skills and programmes to work with adults, Lone parents and other groups to share our employability, enterprise programmes as well as well placed to engage with employers to offer work experience opportunities.

GOYA has extensive experience of delivering workable and sustainable projects with varied users and in varied settings. GOYA has evolved over the years to develop specialist and innovative interventional work supporting NEET young people, BAME communities and those faced with disadvantages in our community realize their socio-economic aspirations. GOYA has proved to be a reliable and strong partner organization delivering and surpassing profile targets in every funded partnership project and under different funding regimes ranging from ESF, LDA, CCG, Local Authority, BIG Lottery fund, SFA Subcontract, (SFA Approved Contractor) trusts and foundations. GOYA’s innovative project delivery arrangements and systems are guided by our Bottom Up and user participation from project design to project delivery. GOYA combines its business acumen and charitable capabilities to offer a holistic end-to-end support to users by invoking our award winning multi-lingual volunteering program.

Through landbased activities such as horticulture and conservation – our main activities are to:
* Provide opportunities for vulnerable & disadvantaged young people (YP) to gain nationally accredited qualifications & soft skills, to improve their employability, confidence and purpose.
* Provide opportunities for YP to gain additional skills & work experience through volunteering that will enhance their CVs and improve employability.
* Develop qualities in YP to support them in maintaining employment & gaining respect from their peers.
* Provide a safe & productive ‘stop gap’ for those temporarily unemployed, ensuring they are able to contribute & remain positive.
* Deliver projects that have a positive impact on YP’s surroundings & local communities, building self-worth, confidence & relationships.
* Improve mental health, reduce isolation & loneliness through participation.

The HFVC Group is a reliable, successful and open Partner with a PROVEN REPUTATION to deliver employment (in particular ESF programmes) projects in West London. Our area of expertise is supporting socially isolated and disadvantaged individuals and providing them Matrix accredited tailored support to help them achieve sustained employment.

Every year we engage and support 1,000s of individuals from our offices in Hammersmith and Wembley as well as hundreds of outreach locations across West London. We have close relationships with employers who will offer Work Experience placements, work trials and guaranteed interviews for our clients.