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Pan London Charity supporting older people’s organisations and campaigning to improve their quality of life.
Coordination of Age UKs across London engaged in employability support for those over the age of 50 years
Experience and expertise of pan London project management

Years of experience working with disadvantaged, hard to engage and long term unemployed individuals, such as those who are homeless, have mental physical or health needs, young NEET, ex-offenders, etc. Provision of an individual tailor-made, person centred holistic intervention approach. We carry out an in-depth assessment of need, that not only takes into account the vocational needs but also any other issues/barriers the individual may have that blocks his/her progress into future employment Our performance in securing health, well-being and employment outcomes for disadvantaged groups has been praised by government agencies and funders alike.

The Bromley by Bow Centre is a dynamic innovative East London charity transforming the local community and lives of its residents. We partner with GPs, registered social landlords, schools, Children’s Centres, community groups and commercial organisations to provide a holistic approach to supporting people. Our unique model of integrated services ensures people get the full range of support needed in one place tackling immediate and longer term, deep-rooted issues. We support over 2,000 people a month to improve their health and wellbeing, learn new skills and move into work across a wide range of thematic from; traineeships, pre-apprenticeships and paid apprenticeships; careers guidance, brokering over 100 into paid employment to ESOL and Digital Skills.

Cardboard Citizens has over 20 years experience of providing performing arts-based activities to homeless and vulnerable groups and are the UK’s lead practitioner of ‘forum theatre’. A creative hub for excluded people, our workshops, training, support and progression grow confidence, community and skills. We have recognised accredited training, employment and volunteering opportunities for those that have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. Our ACT NOW programme works with young people (16-25) that are at risk or NEET.
Our projects delivered with partners are tailored to the specific target group. In addition, we offer bespoke staff training in increasing engagement and improved communication and overcoming personal barriers to progression.
A recent report into our work highlighted the high impact of our work on changing the lives of those we work with.

We are the main adult single homeless provider in the London Borough of Newham. We have a track record of partnership working with a range of organisations, most recently Thames Reach (London Street Rescue) working with rough sleepers. We are a high performing organisation with an SROI OF 398%. We work with complex need and multiple disadvantage including mental health, substance misuse, criminal justice and domestic violence. We offer access to accommodation, educational and vocational opportunities for single homeless people. We offer access to volunteering. We offer access to a holistic Aspirations Programme of activities within the Outcomes Star Framework.

Centrepoint works with over 500 young people across our 33 London services. Every young person who arrives at Centrepoint receives a health and learning assessment which then informs support plans within our Support Model approach comprising health, learning and key workers. We work with young people to address their health needs. Centrepoint has extensive experience of the issues that homeless young people face. Support is tailored for each young person. We deliver a functional skills programme including qualifications in Maths, English and ICT. We run the Workwise programme, a sector-based work academy and progressed 70 young people into employment over the last year. We deliver a Sports and Volunteer programme which motivates young people who are furthest away from the labour market who arrive in crises with high level needs to progress onto EET activities. The results of our family mediation pilot project in Lewisham showed that 82% of young people improved their family relationships.

Crisis can bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge of working with very vulnerable and disadvantaged people to a partnership. Crisis has over 40 years’ experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering and managing employment and training projects that transform the lives of single homeless people in London, including those with multiple and complex needs. We also have experience managing related services funded by the Big Lottery, local authorities and ESF co-financing organisations. We are currently managing multiple Big Lottery Reaching Communities grants and a range of statutory contracts including: the Skills Funding Agency, Job Centre Plus and Tower Hamlets Council. Our London Skylight Training and Employment centre based in Tower Hamlets, East London, provides education, informal and accredited training, wellbeing activities and employment support for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. In 2013/14 alone, our London Skylight centre engaged 2604 people in one of our activities or services, 452 gained at least one accreditation or qualification, 190 people progressed to external education or training, 155 started volunteering and 190 people secured paid employment.

East European Advice Centre (EEAC) has been providing information and support to Eastern European (EE) migrants since 1984. We are the only specialist charity working with EE migrants in London. Together with our research and campaigning work, our experience gives us in-depth knowledge of needs, outreach abilities and thorough knowledge of rules and regulations applying to EE migrants. We are qualified advice and immigration services provider and have excellent links with the broader sector as well as institutions relevant to EE migrants. Our expertise includes welfare, housing and immigration matters, employment rights, access to health and education, and campaigning and advocacy for better treatment of EE migrants.

We are a small BME Housing Association which operates in South London. We have a wealth of experience in working with women and their housing issues. We are committed to the provision of social housing and providing services to bring additional opportunities to our residents. We have a sound governance structure, a sound financial base and a board member with substantial experience of applying and obtaining EU grants . We have a number of ideas to develop into projects which we hope can attract EU funding.