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Action for Children is a large national charity with a long history of supporting children, young people and families. We have a presence across London, with a range of work including young carers services, short breaks for children with disabilities and services for children in care. We are keen to use our nationwide expertise working with children, young people and families in areas such as youth employability and training, supporting families to be work ready and helping young people with disabilities access the job market through the Building Better Opportunities funding, and are interested in being either a Lead or Delivery partner.

Betknowmore UK mission is to develop and deliver support and education services to address problem gambling and addiction. To facilitate this, we have launched Gambling Support Hubs (GaMS) in Islington and Newham. The GaMS Hubs services include an outreach mentoring programme called ACT, a tailored 1-2-1 outreach programme for gambling addiction. We also provide workshops, specific to client need, and information services, such as posters and leaflets. We focus on partnership building and our partners already include drug/alcohol agencies, mental health services and housing associations.

Construction Youth Trust is a charity helping young people in England and Wales to build better futures by giving them access to training, education and employment opportunities in the construction industry.
We support young people whose journey to work may be challenging due to barriers such as financial circumstances, lack of awareness of opportunities, low self-esteem, gender or ethnicity.

We inspire and support young people with a passion for construction through education, practical work experience and employment brokerage.

We work in partnership to deliver free courses that provide practical work experience as well as careers advice.

A 30+ year track record of providing independent, quality assured enterprise and money advice that’s delivered in the best interests of the client. As a CDFI we can also provide the money that most enterprises will need to get off the ground.

Sound record in track delivery in enabling people with mental health problems into work, training and mainstream social inclusion. We have a unique and holistic model combining information advice and guidance with hands on practical skills/volunteering experience whereby service users run the daily business functions of the clubhouse thereby gaining real work skills. We also have a range of flexible employment opportunities in in house enterprises and through external partners and have a track record in exceeding mainstream employment contracts including those with local authorities and ESF. We work with those both closer to the job market and those who are far away from it with excellent results.


As the education business partnership for Hackney, Camden and Islington, Inspire! brings its extensive network of local and City-based employer contacts, excellent relationships with schools and colleges and a wealth of contract management experience to any partnership arrangement. We have successfully run a number of programmes engaging pre-NEET and NEET young people (aged 15-19), consistently exceeding funder targets / profiles and receiving praise for best practice and high quality of delivery. This includes the ESF/SFA funded GLYP04 programme – for which we managed delivery across the North London cluster – which recruited 503 young people against a target of 413

Islington is a thriving borough with more jobs than working age residents yet many lack a job and poverty persists. Supporting residents into work is our number one priority and we are creating a strong local partnership of everyone involved in employment support to pool our resources and target local people who need it most. Joining with us will enable you to:
• Work closely with key local partners, including Job Centre Plus.
• Access specialist and complementary council and other support services.
• Secure employment and training opportunities through local firms.
• Benefit from funding secured through the partnership.
• Get capacity building and training.

Extensive experience of project management and leading partnerships; delivery of employment advice and training as a manager and a sub-contractee; high numbers of outputs and all targets achieved or over achieved; work with youth and adults; talented staff and humane values (not just output or money driven); history of good relationships with funders; democratic and supportive project management which values the views of partners and clients; neighbourhood bases in Westminster and H and F; sound MIS systems; transparent and honest reporting of results; imaginative problem solving; nice people to do business with.

Perceptia’s proposed programme is titled ‘ Boost Your Self-Image For Readiness To Work’ and is designed to improve participants’ self esteem and confidence through an intensive programme in which long-term unemployed individuals will gain invaluable hard and soft skills to manage their Self Image, improve their personal brand and gain useful employment in a career of their choice. Our proposal uniquely tackles the problem of unemployment focusing on assisting participants to develop a healthy Image of themselves, increase their motivation for work, find suitable employment to improve their economic and social status. Unlike the traditional approach, we help participants pin point and find strategy to overcome internal barriers that stop them progressing their career through gainful employment.

We are a Housing Association working in Hackney and Islington and other boroughs in North East London. PBHA’s mission is to enable vulnerable and excluded people to gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve greater independence.

PBHA has over 45 years’ experience supporting vulnerable and excluded people to achieve greater independence. We are lead partner for Working Futures funded by London Councils ESF Co-financing (£422,000 2013-15) which is supporting 420 people with mental health problems towards employment. The project was short listed for a National Housing Federation Community Investment Award in the Investors in People category in 2014. Our success in meeting targets meant we were offered additional targets as part of 3 month extension in 2015. Our offer includes work placements in our enterprises including a thriving retail enterprise and Creative Industries.