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Access to target client group. Considerable ESF experience. Corporate resources.

AAF is an accredited training organisation with 20 years’ experience working mainly with BME communities. We are Matrix accredited and have successfully delivered a number of skills and employment programmes including London Councils/ESF and European Integration Fund. We offer training facilities, excellent links and networks within diverse networks and great professionalism.

Blue Sky is an award-winning charity that solely employs ex-offenders for 6 months and offers them a package of rehabilitation support whilst with us (training, housing support, mentoring and jobs brokering). We operate over 20 commercial contracts around London and anticipate having more than 100 vacancies to offer ex-offenders this year alone. We have a track record of successfully delivering ESF programmes in the past – notably being part of London Probation’s PIANO programme where we achieved all the employment and training outcomes assigned to us. We are also currently a specialist provider to Reed and A4e on the DWP’s

Centrepoint works with over 500 young people across our 33 London services. Every young person who arrives at Centrepoint receives a health and learning assessment which then informs support plans within our Support Model approach comprising health, learning and key workers. We work with young people to address their health needs. Centrepoint has extensive experience of the issues that homeless young people face. Support is tailored for each young person. We deliver a functional skills programme including qualifications in Maths, English and ICT. We run the Workwise programme, a sector-based work academy and progressed 70 young people into employment over the last year. We deliver a Sports and Volunteer programme which motivates young people who are furthest away from the labour market who arrive in crises with high level needs to progress onto EET activities. The results of our family mediation pilot project in Lewisham showed that 82% of young people improved their family relationships.

Construction Youth Trust is a charity helping young people in England and Wales to build better futures by giving them access to training, education and employment opportunities in the construction industry.
We support young people whose journey to work may be challenging due to barriers such as financial circumstances, lack of awareness of opportunities, low self-esteem, gender or ethnicity.

We inspire and support young people with a passion for construction through education, practical work experience and employment brokerage.

We work in partnership to deliver free courses that provide practical work experience as well as careers advice.

We are a small BME Housing Association which operates in South London. We have a wealth of experience in working with women and their housing issues. We are committed to the provision of social housing and providing services to bring additional opportunities to our residents. We have a sound governance structure, a sound financial base and a board member with substantial experience of applying and obtaining EU grants . We have a number of ideas to develop into projects which we hope can attract EU funding.

HCT Group is a leading provider of public transport and related training services in the UK whilst promoting the concepts of social justice and equality for all. The combination of its services has led to its partnership working with other bus operators such as First, East London, Metrobus, Go Ahead, Abellio, CT Plus, etc. over the last 8 years. It prides itself in delivering end-to-end sector (transport and logistics) specific skills and employment support to BAME, lone parent, women, long term unemployed, who want to work and are prevented from doing so by a range of barriers. HCT has established partnership management structure which it adopts for its projects.

High Trees has been in operation for the past 16 years and is an established community anchor and hub working with local people and a range of partners to build the capacity of individuals. Guided by the needs of the local community we deliver and support a range of projects grouped in three interlined thematic areas:
•Community Development; nurturing and capacity building individuals to empower them to take local action
•Employment, Education and Training Support; Community Learning, accredited training courses, employment support, volunteering opportunities and work placements schemes
•Children and Young People Services; working on the basis of early intervention, we deliver, wellbeing projects, self-development programmes, mentoring and youth leadership.

As a specialist grassroots organisation, we bring first hand experience of delivering programmes that work to empower and raise aspiration levels of disadvantaged young people primarily from BAME communities in London.

Our programmes are both community and schools based. JAGS has worked in partnerships with both local and national organisations. As a specialist grassroots organisation, we bring first hand experience of delivering programmes that work to empower and raise aspiration levels of disadvantaged young and had built long-term relationships with a number of statutory and private businesses to extend the reach of our services.

The London Youth Support Trust (LYST) helps young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to start and grow successful businesses and develop their skills for work. The Trust provides business space, advice, support and mentoring. We do this within our centres, which are intentionally located in deprived London communities. By enabling our young clients to work where they live, we help them develop local enterprise and create employment opportunities in their communities. We bring enterprise expertise and our support is provided within enterprise centres where we have on-site advice and personal support for our clients.