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HSC is a voluntary home-visiting programme in which trained volunteers offer support, friendship and practical help to families with at least one child under five who are experiencing difficulties. It trains and supports volunteers to enable them to give their valuable time and parenting experience to support vulnerable families in their homes throughout Camden when they are least able to get out in the community. Families who are referred are matched with a volunteer who visits weekly for three to four hours and who aims to increase the confidence and independence of the family. The home visiting is on a one-to-one basis for as long as needed which may be up to a year or more. Priority is given to supporting families living in the most deprived parts of Camden and the most difficult-to-reach and isolated families across the borough are targeted.

For the year 2013/14 HSC supported 130 families (a 16% increase on previous year). This included 263 children (194 under five and 69 older siblings) and 209 parents.

Charity / social enterprise enabling people to have worthwhile jobs, decent homes, and become empowered members of their communities.
Robust track record of supporting disadvantaged people into training, volunteering and employment; performance and quality focused.
Providing highly rated, person-centred support to set goals, address barriers and enable professional and personal progression via dedicated1:1 support / in-house training
Holistic support provided to address multiple needs– via Lift’s services (employment, housing, involvement/community development) and signposting / referring to partners
Enterprising, excellent local knowledge & reputation; takes initiative to develop services and projects to tackle disadvantage; works well collaboratively to address local issues.

RWRAL is an organisation with a long standing track record for working with NEETs. It has been involved in a range of successful local projects with the target group including:

• AZTEC LOOP programme (Disaffected and disengaged young black males, ex-offenders,
those at risk of offending)

• LSC Life Skills Programme (Disaffected and disengaged young people including ex-offenders,
teen mums, ESOL and hard to reach (NEET))

• E2Eand Foundation Learning delivery (as above), RWRAL was the London Central LSC lead provider for wandsworth.

• Merton Probation Service (ESF) Engagement Programme

• Schools pre 16 Programme (Disengaged, disaffected and pupils at risk of exclusion)

RW Rechere & Associates Limited (RWRAL) is a South London based training company that currently offers courses to young people and adults who require additional support and guidance to overcome barriers to learning and enable engagement in programmes that lead to qualifications and ultimately employment. The company was established in 1994 and is located in Tooting (South London) where it offers a diverse range of courses, mostly National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) to Level 1 across a broad range of subjects that include Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Personal and Social Development, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Music Technology and the Creative Arts and Media. Since 1999, training have been delivered under the trading name of “Passage Training”, leveraging PASSAGE as the acronym for: Positive Action towards Social Success and Gainful Employment. Whilst RWRAL was established as a B2B training and development consultancy, the company very quickly developed a range of courses to meet the needs of individuals. Fifteen years on with periods of growth and contraction, RWRAL has diversified its activities through the development of a consulting and professional services arm.

Islington is a thriving borough with more jobs than working age residents yet many lack a job and poverty persists. Supporting residents into work is our number one priority and we are creating a strong local partnership of everyone involved in employment support to pool our resources and target local people who need it most. Joining with us will enable you to:
• Work closely with key local partners, including Job Centre Plus.
• Access specialist and complementary council and other support services.
• Secure employment and training opportunities through local firms.
• Benefit from funding secured through the partnership.
• Get capacity building and training.

Pecan is a community organisation with a knack of working well with hard to reach people. We work with targeted groups; older people, young people, ex-offenders and people with mental health as well as generic projects. We provide employment support, coaching and community projects such as volunteering and a foodbank. With over quarter of a century of history we want to be a sub contractor of choice in South East London.

Vital Regeneration creates life changing employment and enterprise opportunities, enabling people to realise their potential and reduce inequalities. In a partnership we would offer the following expertise and innovate programmes around related topics including older people, health, in work poverty and more. HELP is a family of activities aimed at helping people in temporary accommodation to gain employment or start their own business. Vital Invest CIC, makes investments in temporary accommodation entrepreneurs. Vital Youth supports young people including those not in employment, education or training. Vital Space runs a network of community spaces including co-working enterprise space venture.

The London Youth Support Trust (LYST) helps young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to start and grow successful businesses and develop their skills for work. The Trust provides business space, advice, support and mentoring. We do this within our centres, which are intentionally located in deprived London communities. By enabling our young clients to work where they live, we help them develop local enterprise and create employment opportunities in their communities. We bring enterprise expertise and our support is provided within enterprise centres where we have on-site advice and personal support for our clients.

A purpose built VCS-led legal entity to bid for and deliver public services. Track record of delivery engagement across service areas and a wide range of providers. Solid commitment to supporting local agencies to get involved in collaborative bids. Experience of working with private and public sector partners and whole systems approaches. Person-centred approach to service design and delivery.

Further information about the ‘hub and spoke’ consortium structure and functions are available at www.togethernorthlondon.org.uk. We have a strong commitment to involving smaller local providers with strong community connections where possible.

The Children’s Society is changing the stories of this country’s most disadvantaged children and teenagers. We work hand in hand with them to directly change their own stories through delivery of over 127 frontline support services to over 34,000 children and young people per year. We target the most disadvantaged children who have the most acute needs and suffer poverty and neglect.
We engage with marginalised groups of young people e.g. Children leaving Care; those with Mental Health needs etc. that other organisations fail to engage with to improve their skills and knowledge and therefore employability.