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Years of experience working with disadvantaged, hard to engage and long term unemployed individuals, such as those who are homeless, have mental physical or health needs, young NEET, ex-offenders, etc. Provision of an individual tailor-made, person centred holistic intervention approach. We carry out an in-depth assessment of need, that not only takes into account the vocational needs but also any other issues/barriers the individual may have that blocks his/her progress into future employment Our performance in securing health, well-being and employment outcomes for disadvantaged groups has been praised by government agencies and funders alike.

Blue Sky is an award-winning charity that solely employs ex-offenders for 6 months and offers them a package of rehabilitation support whilst with us (training, housing support, mentoring and jobs brokering). We operate over 20 commercial contracts around London and anticipate having more than 100 vacancies to offer ex-offenders this year alone. We have a track record of successfully delivering ESF programmes in the past – notably being part of London Probation’s PIANO programme where we achieved all the employment and training outcomes assigned to us. We are also currently a specialist provider to Reed and A4e on the DWP’s

BITC is The Prince’s Network for responsible business. We have over 800 member companies (including over 50% of the FTSE 100). Those companies engage with us to create a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone – especially the most disadvantaged. We deliver and broker programmes as well as being a convener of businesses. Our key priorities are Employability. Enterprise, Education and the Environment.

26 years experience of working with and supporting people with HIV across London.
2 years experience of delivering Employment Support services to this group.
Key client groups – African women; British and European gay men; Older people; people with multiple health issues and disadvantage…and far from the labour market.

Cardboard Citizens has over 20 years experience of providing performing arts-based activities to homeless and vulnerable groups and are the UK’s lead practitioner of ‘forum theatre’. A creative hub for excluded people, our workshops, training, support and progression grow confidence, community and skills. We have recognised accredited training, employment and volunteering opportunities for those that have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. Our ACT NOW programme works with young people (16-25) that are at risk or NEET.
Our projects delivered with partners are tailored to the specific target group. In addition, we offer bespoke staff training in increasing engagement and improved communication and overcoming personal barriers to progression.
A recent report into our work highlighted the high impact of our work on changing the lives of those we work with.

Family Psychological Services UK is a charity based in South East London. We provide low-cost counselling and psychotherapy to adults, couples, families and children. We also offer parenting workshops. We work closely with Children’s Centers, GPs, IAPT and schools to offer and promote counselling for adults and children. As part of this partnership we will extend our work and provide sessions at various other locations.

Future Path

Future Path currently deliver services in 8 London boroughs:

Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon & Hounslow.

We are embedded within each local authority and DWP, delivering from co-located premises including jobcentres, council buildings and community venues.
We have excellent and current relations with JCP, local authorities, the West London Alliance and other stakeholders. We bring a high quality employment support service that is outcome-focussed, but using a highly supportive delivery style.

Charity / social enterprise enabling people to have worthwhile jobs, decent homes, and become empowered members of their communities.
Robust track record of supporting disadvantaged people into training, volunteering and employment; performance and quality focused.
Providing highly rated, person-centred support to set goals, address barriers and enable professional and personal progression via dedicated1:1 support / in-house training
Holistic support provided to address multiple needs– via Lift’s services (employment, housing, involvement/community development) and signposting / referring to partners
Enterprising, excellent local knowledge & reputation; takes initiative to develop services and projects to tackle disadvantage; works well collaboratively to address local issues.

We are a small charity based in Bromley and we work in local communities, delivering media training and programs, sports activities and mentoring support services to young people and adults. To achieve this LWFCI-UK will like to partner with organisation that has funding in place or are willing to doing joint bid for funding around any of our project or subject areas such as training in Media for young people and adults, support in CV writing and any employer ability initiatives, sports activities, tutoring for children with special needs, mentoring support services to young people and adults, providing opportunity for volunteering and work placement in media industry. We can bring a track record in delivering on media training, basic online IT, and working with young people. We have some very experienced staff and volunteers who can do a good job. We are experienced in project delivery, management and support. We are passionate about empowering young people and adults from disadvantaged background.

Moving Ahead (UK) CIC has been working with the unemployed since 2012, and over that time, we have worked with partners such as Widows and Orphans and Department for Works and Pensions. The Director has had over 20years work experience in working with the unemployed and, in particular, working with young offenders on employment focused programmes; both in prison as well as outside prison. The combination of these skills and experience means that accessing the targeted cohort will be less challenging. Our ’employer based’ outreach approach has so far engaged a number of employers, including financial, rail and engineering companies and not-for-profit organisations (e.g. ASDA, Nandos, Halfords and The Shard).