Richmond upon Thames

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The EBP has more than 15 years of experience in providing employability, training and work experience opportunities to local young people. Our work experience programme sees over 1000 local students being offered placements, the programme is tailored to meet the needs of each school and includes bespoke placements for young people with SEND. Sustainable links with local employers have been developed. Involvement in NEET reduction programmes including Youth Contract, Your Future, Your Choice and Work Pairing have enabled us to develop provision to the hardest to reach young people across both boroughs. Ongoing mentoring, supported work experience, employability support and guidance from employers have reduced NEET Figures. The team has close links with the borough’s youth services and is part of the 14-19 team, allowing us to work with the most vulnerable young people in the borough and provide a bespoke support package to them. We are an in impartial broker who works in partnership with all of the local training providers and colleges to offer a broad offer to our young people.
We are a department of a community interest company, owned by Kingston and Richmond Councils.

AoD has a track record of supporting disabled people furthest from the workplace into sustainable jobs. We are a user led disability organisation with a number of large corporate partners. We use a combination of evidence based methods to support people into work as well as trialling new approaches. Our results are substantially better than the specialist government funded programmes.

Balance is a social enterprise with a strong track record in supporting a range of disabled people, predominantly those with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and Autism Spectrum Conditions, to support them to prepare for, seek and sustain employment. We have an impressive success rate in securing sustainable employment and achieve this by providing truly personalised support. Through assessment of individuals and a co-produced action plan, we ensure that our support meets the needs of the individual. Our current ESF funded mental health supported employment project, which provides support to people from primary and secondary care is a payment by result model. We were awarded 4 out of 4 stars by London Councils for the delivery performance, quality and management of this contract. We were one of only two organisations in London to be awarded 4 stars.

Blue Sky is an award-winning charity that solely employs ex-offenders for 6 months and offers them a package of rehabilitation support whilst with us (training, housing support, mentoring and jobs brokering). We operate over 20 commercial contracts around London and anticipate having more than 100 vacancies to offer ex-offenders this year alone. We have a track record of successfully delivering ESF programmes in the past – notably being part of London Probation’s PIANO programme where we achieved all the employment and training outcomes assigned to us. We are also currently a specialist provider to Reed and A4e on the DWP’s

Through landbased activities such as horticulture and conservation – our main activities are to:
* Provide opportunities for vulnerable & disadvantaged young people (YP) to gain nationally accredited qualifications & soft skills, to improve their employability, confidence and purpose.
* Provide opportunities for YP to gain additional skills & work experience through volunteering that will enhance their CVs and improve employability.
* Develop qualities in YP to support them in maintaining employment & gaining respect from their peers.
* Provide a safe & productive ‘stop gap’ for those temporarily unemployed, ensuring they are able to contribute & remain positive.
* Deliver projects that have a positive impact on YP’s surroundings & local communities, building self-worth, confidence & relationships.
* Improve mental health, reduce isolation & loneliness through participation.

“Making It Work” is a consortium of 11 organisations run by and for Deaf and Disabled people, providing services to over 15,000 Disabled people across 19 London boroughs. Over the past 3 years we have achieved a 37% success rate in getting Disabled people into employment. We are successful because of our existing engagement with local Disabled people; our specialist knowledge of barriers to employment (64% of our staff have lived experience of being Deaf or Disabled); our holistic and person centred approach to employment support; and our expertise in engaging employers and supporting them to overcome barriers and discrimination within work and recruitment practices. Within the consortium we are able to offer a wide range of employment and skills support options.

We support the third sector and the communities they serve harness technology for community benefit. We are experienced in delivering a range of IT training to sector staff & volunteers & support them utilise digital tools to become more efficient & effective. Through our digital inclusion programme – Community Connected – we work with organisations e.g. Housing Associations, Community groups on estates, Carers, Homelessness & Disability organisations etc. to raise awareness of the benefits being online can bring, (addressing motivational barriers), train, build & support digital capabilities (addresses lack of skills barrier) and provide advice re internet access & refurbish devices (addresses access barrier). We also can capture stories & impact through multimedia tools.

Brightside is an online mentoring organisation, supporting young people through their education and career decisions. Our mentoring platform can be branded, requires no software installation and can be accessed from anywhere. Brightside can manage projects in-house- including moderation of activity, liaising with all participants and reviewing engagement reports and messages for evaluation.

Mentoring models can be designed to flexibly fit around existing interventions, enhancing the experience for scheme participants and ensuring impressive outcomes are achieved- e.g. by providing a young person with a mentor during their first months at a new work placement/apprenticeship to ensure longer-term retention rates are secured.

Twin is an established lead prime with a track record of success with BAME unemployed women across London.

Twining brings 20 years’ successful experience of working solely to help people with mental health problems gain and sustain employment.  We have a strong client led approach, presence in each of London’s sub-regions and capacity to deliver/grow services (this year working with approx 2000 clients).  Twining has well established partnerships and relationships with NHS trusts, Jobcentre Plus and local authorities across the London region.  Working across these sectors – our approach is a whole person one that ensures successful job outcomes together with improved wellbeing.

We specialise in delivering evidence based services that are integrated within health care and JCP teams; and have developed tools and methods that enable quick mobilisation and great performance within these partnerships.

Twining is London’s lead voluntary sector IPS provider, with services in several boroughs and Centre of Excellence status anticipated soon.