Central London Forward – ESF partnership opportunity for families

Project: prj_COL_5243 – Partner for joint funding bids for employment support for families’

This partnership opportunity with Central London Forward may be of interest to organisations planning to lead ESF bids.  The EOI is being run on Capital e-sourcing and the deadline is 4 February.

‘Project: prj_COL_5243 – Partner for joint funding bids for employment support for families’


This is an invitation to express an interest in becoming Central London Forward’s (with City of London acting as Accountable Body) preferred partner for the joint development of funding bids relating to employment support for families in central London (including Lewisham), such as the forthcoming opportunity in this area via the European Social Fund (ESF). Funding is estimated to be for approximately £3-4million.

Please note that this is not a contract opportunity at this stage and therefore not a procurement process.

CLF is proactively seeking to identify a preferred bidding partner in order to maximise our collective ability to create a locally integrated, co-designed approach to the delivery of relevant future employment support contracts within the central London area. CLF are keen for applications from voluntary sector-led consortiums, and they are open to negotiating on partnership roles.

Our initial thinking draws on the participating local authorities’ experience of delivering the Government’s Troubled Families programme and of seeking to integrate this with separate employment support provision for the cohort, including the ESF Families activity commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) under the ESF 2007-13 programme.

Through this experience the value of early, thorough engagement and integration between different services was particularly apparent.