Networking for ESF 10th May 2016: A VCS Assist Event

About this event

  • Aimed at those organisations interested in bidding for DWP SFA ESF programmes this half day event provided an opportunity for networking and discussion.
  • Over the course of the morning we heard from the EPMU Unit at the GLA who gave a brief update on the ESF programme and from London Councils who spoke about their Troubled Famililes programme. John Blackmore from Action West London and Tony Carr from Catch 22 spoke about the challenges and benefits of becoming a supply chain partner.
  • Central to the morning’s activities was the opportunity to hear from prime contractors on what they can offer and what they are looking for in a delivery partner. It gave participants the time to network and to begin the process of identifying potential partners.
  • Networking for ESF Agenda


  • Presentation by Steven Greenwood, EPMU, GLA: GLA – ESF in London
  • Presentation by Jane Harrison, London Councils: London Councils – Troubled Families
  • Presentation by Tony Carr, Catch 22: Catch 22 Presentation
  • Presentation by John Blackmore, Action West London: Action West London Presentation
  • Presentations by: G4S, SEETEC, London Learning Consortium, Kennedy Scott, Maximus and Shaw Trust: Lead partner presentations
  • In addition to the Primes who attended Reed are planning to bid for a number of programmes and they have a live EOI form on their website. Organisations can find out about working with Reed by going to
  • ESF Troubled Families Market Warming Event (South and West CPA)London Councils and Access Europe are organising a market warming event to bring together the boroughs with Primes and lead organisations that might want to deliver the new ESF Families contracts. The specifications will have a strong focus on integration with local services and it will be important for Primes and boroughs to start conversations about effective provision as early as possible. The event is taking place on 18 May, 9:30am – 12 noon at London Councils offices (59 ½ Southwark Street, SE1 0AL). If you would like to attend this event please let know by noon Monday 16 May. Please note this event is for boroughs in the South and West CPAs only and is only for Prime and lead organisations due to space constraints.