DWP: national roll out of Claimant Commitment begins

From Department for Work and Pensions:

From October 2013, DWP will begin the national roll out of the government’s new Claimant Commitment which will require jobseekers to do all they can to find work.

The Claimant Commitment, which will be rolled out gradually to around 100 jobcentres across the country per month, is a critical building block in the cultural transformation that will take place under Universal Credit (UC).

It builds on the Jobseeker’s Agreement to encourage claimants to take responsibility for their own job search whilst giving them the support they need in return.

New Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants and those who have completed the Work Programme will all have to agree to the Commitment as a condition of their benefit entitlement once it is rolled out in their area.

This new approach will give claimants the best chance of finding work quickly and will be tailored to individuals, based on the discussions between the jobseeker and their work coach. Those who fail to comply will risk losing their benefit.

A work coach will review people’s Claimant Commitment on a regular basis and will take their personal circumstances into account, set out clearly what job seeking activity they must do in order to find work, the support they will receive to do this and the consequences if they fail to meet the requirements.

The Claimant Commitment roll out is one of three strands that form part of the progressive national roll out of Universal Credit. The other two are:

  • A further six jobcentres taking new claims to the benefit on a roll out programme from October
  • Improved access to digital services, including 6000 new computers being installed across the country

Further details on the roll out of the Claimant Commitment to new JSA claimants and those completing the Work Programme will be announced in the autumn.