London Area Review on post-16 education and training provision in London.

London Area Review

VCS organisations in London involved in education and training are invited to submit views on post-16 education and training provision in London.

The government’s policy statement Reviewing Post-16 Education and Training Institutions sets out an approach to facilitating a restructuring of the further education sector through area reviews focused on FE and sixth form colleges. The reviews aim to help create more financially stable and efficient colleges and shape provision for learners and employers in London.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Department for Education (DfE) are responsible for the area reviews and have been working closely with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and London Councils to plan and deliver the London Area Review.

Due to the large number of colleges in the capital, the London Area Review comprises four sub-regional reviews. Each has its own steering group which is chaired by a borough Leader and includes business and local authority representatives along with the chairs and principals of the colleges in the sub-region. The Further Education Commissioner, Sixth Form Colleges Commissioner, a Regional Schools Commissioner, the Education Funding Agency, Skills Funding Agency, DfE, BIS, GLA and relevant sub-regional partnership of boroughs are also represented on the steering groups.

The sub-regional steering groups report into a London Steering Group, which oversees and is responsible for the London Area Review as a whole. The London Steering Group’s role is to co-ordinate the reviews, ensure they address city-wide priorities, and help to link sub-regions’ analysis and options development, recognising that London colleges draw their students from across the capital.

The West and Central London sub-regional area reviews started in March, with South and East following in April and May respectively. Outcomes from all the sub-regional reviews will be considered together by the London Steering Group in the autumn and recommendations will be published when all the sub-regional reviews have been completed.

The London Area Review team is keen to engage with a wide range of stakeholder who have an interest in the outcomes of the review including VCS organisations involved in education and training.

We invite you to email us to feed in any thoughts relevant to the review, including on local issues, skills needs and current gaps, by 29 June with ‘London Area Review – VCS provider views’ in the subject heading of your email.  We are also happy to host a roundtable for VCS providers over the summer. If there are particular issues that you would like to discuss at that session, then please include them in your submission.

This blog is written by the government’s Joint Area Review Delivery Unit