This Time Creative Spaces are seeking New Trustees

T H i S T i M E C r e a t i v e S p a c e s

For Children with Complex Needs


A brand new children’s charity is starting up in Islington and the surrounding boroughs and we need your help:

We aim to:

*To offer Creative and Sensory Programs within Schools and Children’s Centres by a team of experienced Therapists to promote Play and Learning Opportunities for children with Complex Needs and/or Autism.

*To make use of Creative Arts and Therapeutic Touch in order to support a child with sensory and neurological issues to participate more fully in Play and Learning.

*To guide parents and Learning Assistants in basic techniques in Arts Practices and Therapeutic Touch in order to deepen the quality of their time together with a child.

*If you have organisational, finance or networking skills, fresh ideas and a vision for what is possible, then we need you.

*Personal interest, experience and commitment to a child’s right to Health, Education and Play are qualities we would value in our Trustees.

To find out more, contact: Ruth Solomon
Tel: 0208 806 1129 Mob: 07940890418