London Councils launches the new Pan-London Poverty Programme

London Councils has just launched the London Councils European Social Fund programme for 2016-18. Funded by the London Councils Grants Committee and ESF, this round will provide funds to voluntary sector organisations only. The tender specifications have been designed following public consultation by London Councils grants committee and will provide £5.6m of funding for voluntary [Read more]

The Trussell Trust: Foodbank use tops one million for the first time

Blog post written by Tom Owen, volunteer at LVSC Despite aggregate economic growth of 3% in the last year (ONS 2015) there is evidence to suggest that those on low incomes are struggling more than ever. The latest figures published by the Trussell Trust (TT) indicate that more than 1,000,000 people in the last year [Read more]

Gingerbread publishes report on single parents and childcare

Gingerbread’s Paying the Price project is a three year research project looking at how the recession and changes in taxes, benefits and public services are impacting single parents. The latest report from the project looks at the childcare challenge facing single parents. Issues around childcare for single parents Single parents are struggling to manage childcare – childcare [Read more]

GLA Intelligence: 700,000 London children live in poverty

GLA, Poverty in London 2012-13 (PDF) Key points from a new report from GLA Intelligence: Poverty in London: 2012/13 The number of Londoners living in poverty has seen little change over the last few years and remains at around 2.2 million people, or 28 per cent of all those living in the region, averaged over three [Read more]

NPI: 200K lone parents losing an average of £16/week from LHA cuts nationally

NPI, Multiple Cuts for the Poorest Families (April 2014) (PDF) From the New Policy Institute: This briefing looks at how many of the poorest families have been affected by one or more of these benefit cuts to date. In April 2014, 780,000 of the poorest families were experiencing a shortfall in their housing benefit as [Read more]

London Councils calls on govt to continue local welfare provision, DWP publishes DHP spend by local authority

London Councils, Local Welfare Provision – one year on (June 2014) (PDF) London Councils have published a report looking at the arrangements London’s local authorities have made for local welfare provision, to replace Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans (axed in early 2013). The report gives an overview of the local welfare schemes in London: Funding – the Department for Work and [Read more]

Government’s Child Poverty Strategy: ‘Work Programme, Universal Credit, etc will fix it’

The government has published its Child poverty strategy 2014 to 2017: The Strategy sets out how we will tackle poverty now through supporting families into work and to increase their earnings, supporting living standards through decreasing costs for low income families and preventing poor children becoming poor adults through raising their educational attainment. This is based [Read more]

CPAG report: widespread fear of welfare reform uprooting London families and communities

CPAG, Families on the brink: welfare reform in London (PDF) A new report from CPAG looks at the impact of welfare reform in London, from the perspective of local authorities, advice services and parents. It finds that families are struggling and are unsure how they will afford to stay living in their area; and there is a [Read more]

Gingerbread surveys single parents on how they are coping financially

Survey link: As part of its Paying the Price research project, Gingerbread would like to hear from single parents about: How you are finding managing your money What changes are affecting your household budget Any advice or help you have sought for managing your money. The survey looks at how single parents are managing financially (questions draw [Read more]

Community Links: “People are starting to value the foodbanks more than they value the jobcentre”

Maeve McGoldrick from Community Links asks: are foodbanks becoming part of our welfare system?: Foodbanks should not be considered as part of our welfare system; a system we created so that we should no longer need such things. It is shocking that DWP take no responsibility for the drastic rise in demand, especially when the [Read more]