London Councils: Troubled Families programme offers broader lessons for local services

London Councils Troubled Families Report (PDF) From London Councils: London Councils had launched a new report ‘Troubled Families Programme: Lessons for Future Public Service Reform’.  The report explores the experience of the Troubled Families Programme in London, with councils taking a strong local grip on the delivery of integrated services and suggests that it offers [Read more]

DCLG Troubled Families programme to expand in eleven London boroughs

In August Eric Pickles announced that the government’s Troubled Families programme would be expanded in 51 of the best performing local authority areas, ahead of a new national 5 year programme to run from 2015. Among the high-performing local authorities who will work with additional families this year are the following London boroughs: Barking and [Read more]

DCLG programme has ‘turned round’ 1.4% of London’s troubled families so far

Troubled Families programme: progress at December 2012 and families turned around at January 2013 (MS Excel spreadsheet) DCLG has released a spreadsheet collating figures provided by local authorities that capture the progress made in the first 9 months of the Troubled Families programme. They are broken down by all 152 upper tier authority areas in England [Read more]