Rigid flexibility: the work of the Working Families Legal Advice Service in 2014

Blog post written by Tom Owen, volunteer at LVSC   The Working Families Legal Advice Service provides advice and information to working families, and coaches callers on discussions with their employers to help them remain in work. Working Families recently published a briefing reviewing the performance of its services over the last year, alongside policy [Read more]

NPI: 200K lone parents losing an average of £16/week from LHA cuts nationally

NPI, Multiple Cuts for the Poorest Families (April 2014) (PDF) From the New Policy Institute: This briefing looks at how many of the poorest families have been affected by one or more of these benefit cuts to date. In April 2014, 780,000 of the poorest families were experiencing a shortfall in their housing benefit as [Read more]

Government’s Child Poverty Strategy: ‘Work Programme, Universal Credit, etc will fix it’

The government has published its Child poverty strategy 2014 to 2017: The Strategy sets out how we will tackle poverty now through supporting families into work and to increase their earnings, supporting living standards through decreasing costs for low income families and preventing poor children becoming poor adults through raising their educational attainment. This is based [Read more]

How are DCLG’s and DWP’s Families programmes performing in London?

Performance information for the two government programmes aimed at ‘helping troubled families turn their lives around’ has been published over the last couple of months. DWP ESF Families with Multiple Problems programme The Department for Work and Pension’s ESF Families programme launched in December 2011 runs until March 2015. It supports disadvantaged families, facing multiple [Read more]