Autumn budget: LVSC update

LVSC has released its initial analysis of the autumn budget announced yesterday. Our view on apprenticeships and employment: As expected, apprenticeships featured heavily. Following the announcement in the summer budget of an employer levy to fund 3 million new apprenticeships, the Chancellor clarified this will amount to 0.5% of employer pay bills where the payroll [Read more]

DWP Evaluation of Support for the Very Long-Term Unemployed Trailblazer

The research presents findings from the evaluation of the Support for Very Long Term Unemployed Trailblazer, and a number of recommendations for consideration in the policy design of post-Work Programme support. The SVLTU Trailblazer ran from February to August 2012 and delivered support through two strands: the On-going Case Management (OCM) and Community Action Programme (CAP) strands. [Read more]