One in six private rented homes ‘unsafe’

  According to a Citizens Advice report , 740,000 households are living in privately rented homes that are physically unsafe. Private renters are no longer just students: the most common type of household in the sector is now a couple with children. In this report, Citizens Advice consider what such sub-standard housing looks like, how [Read more]

London’s Poverty Profile blog: self-employment and the jobs recovery in London

A new blog from New Policy Institute’s Hannah Aldridge on the London’s Poverty Profile website looks considers the growth of self-employment since the recession (one fifth of workers now self-employed) and the implications for poverty: Data from the ONS shows that as self-employment was growing in London, the real incomes of the self-employed were falling considerably. Between [Read more]

JRF: low wage trap affects ethic minority workers worst, outcomes monitoring by ethnicity needed

JRF: Poverty and ethnicity: Tackling poverty across all ethnicities in the UK: a round up (PDF) From the Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Poverty and ethnicity are strongly related, with poverty higher among all ethnic minority groups than among white British people in the UK, but the links are complex and not well understood. Poverty varies according [Read more]

GLA Intelligence: 700,000 London children live in poverty

GLA, Poverty in London 2012-13 (PDF) Key points from a new report from GLA Intelligence: Poverty in London: 2012/13 The number of Londoners living in poverty has seen little change over the last few years and remains at around 2.2 million people, or 28 per cent of all those living in the region, averaged over three [Read more]

TSRC briefing: International insights into job creation in the social economy

From the Third Sector Research Centre: There has been much political interest in the role of the social economy, or third sector, in providing jobs and supporting vulnerable people into the workforce. Although social economy organisations (SEOs) make a significant contribution to employment, jobs in the social economy are often precarious and low paid. Many SEOs, [Read more]

London Assembly launch investigation into low pay and the London living wage

The London Assembly’s Economy Committee has launched a new investigation into low pay in London and the London living wage. The Committee is seeking to establish the extent of low pay in the capital and identify those groups most at risk from persistent low pay. It will examine the current uptake of the living wage [Read more]