Many Hands: Londoners, work and the voluntary and community sector

Supporting Londoners in into quality work is one of the great challenges facing our city today. LVSC’s latest report, Many Hands: Londoners, work and the voluntary and community sector, examines the employment and skills challenges facing individuals, existing employability support, and the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations active in this area. Employment and [Read more]

City Business Library – useful resources available

The City Business Library is a public library for business information. It offers resources for job seekers, charities, social enterprises, entrepreneurs and SMEs. It offers free access to the UK’s most comprehensive collection of business databases and publications, including general start up advice, market research information, plus national and international coverage for statistics, company data [Read more]

Recs on employment support for people with drug/alcohol problems from LDAN Pathways to Employment research

LDAN, Pathways to employment (March 2014) (PDF) Earlier this year, the second phase of London Drug and Alcohol Network (LDAN)’s Pathways to Employment research was published: The second phase of the project, funded from 2011 to 2013, is now focussing directly on engaging and influencing London employers and educational establishments. The pan-London employment expert group draws from [Read more]

LVSC/PBE Impact Project to link VCS providers with expert economists to improve impact measurement

Link: Expression of Interest Form Pro Bono Economics Impact project (MS Word doc) Background It has never been more important for charities and social enterprises to demonstrate the impact of the services they provide to commissioners, funders, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Improving your understanding of the economic impact of your projects helps you to refine [Read more]

DrugScope Routes to Employment survey

DrugScope is conducting a national survey to learn more about the experiences that people with histories of drug and/or alcohol use have of looking for, preparing for and being in employment. The criteria are that people must have had experience of treatment for drug and/or alcohol use, and that they must not be permanently unable [Read more]

Gingerbread surveys single parents on how they are coping financially

Survey link: As part of its Paying the Price research project, Gingerbread would like to hear from single parents about: How you are finding managing your money What changes are affecting your household budget Any advice or help you have sought for managing your money. The survey looks at how single parents are managing financially (questions draw [Read more]

TSRC: Does volunteering lead to employment? It’s complicated…

TSRC press release Briefing Paper: Does volunteering improve employability? Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey (PDF) New research from the Third Sector Research Centre has found that the link between volunteering and increased employability should not always be assumed. The study finds that volunteering can have a positive effect on the likelihood of some people [Read more]

London Councils report: welfare reform is not reducing rents

Tracking Welfare Reform: The Impact of Housing Benefit Reform in London (PDF) analyses the impact of changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA), the main housing benefit. It finds that: the changes have not led to reduced rents. Some boroughs have seen rents rise by over 20 per cent over recent months – which pushes up rents [Read more]

DWP Evaluation of Support for the Very Long-Term Unemployed Trailblazer

The research presents findings from the evaluation of the Support for Very Long Term Unemployed Trailblazer, and a number of recommendations for consideration in the policy design of post-Work Programme support. The SVLTU Trailblazer ran from February to August 2012 and delivered support through two strands: the On-going Case Management (OCM) and Community Action Programme (CAP) strands. [Read more]