Securing local welfare provision

With thanks to our volunteer Yasmin Adib for her support in producing this blog Local welfare is the final safety net which prevents people from low incomes from falling into destitution, providing support with essentials such as food, heating, and clothing. In England responsibility for certain forms of welfare have been devolved from central government [Read more]

LSE Report: “Is welfare reform working?”

A new report by the London School of Economics would suggest it isn’t. The Coalition Government’s welfare reforms were meant to move people dependent on benefits into work, but evidence suggests the reforms have resulted in few social housing tenants being able to find jobs. A team led by Anne Power, Professor of Social Policy at LSE, performed interviews with [Read more]

TUC analysis: majority of benefit cuts fall on working families, pensioners

TUC, Benefit Cuts by Household Type (PDF) (Aug 2014) From the Trade Unions Congress: The government continue to claim that the main target of their welfare cuts is those who are unemployed, But this analysis sets out just how misleading their rhetoric is. The majority of cuts fall on people in work, and far from [Read more]

LGA tool tracks the impact of welfare reform in the UK at borough level

LINK: LG Inform tool From the Local Government Association: The Local Government Association, with assistance from Inclusion, has launched an online tool to track welfare reform across the UK. The tool allows the user to tailor their report according to single tier, district and county local authority geographies. It gives an overview of the impacts of welfare reform, [Read more]

NPI: 200K lone parents losing an average of £16/week from LHA cuts nationally

NPI, Multiple Cuts for the Poorest Families (April 2014) (PDF) From the New Policy Institute: This briefing looks at how many of the poorest families have been affected by one or more of these benefit cuts to date. In April 2014, 780,000 of the poorest families were experiencing a shortfall in their housing benefit as [Read more]

London Councils calls on govt to continue local welfare provision, DWP publishes DHP spend by local authority

London Councils, Local Welfare Provision – one year on (June 2014) (PDF) London Councils have published a report looking at the arrangements London’s local authorities have made for local welfare provision, to replace Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans (axed in early 2013). The report gives an overview of the local welfare schemes in London: Funding – the Department for Work and [Read more]

CPAG report: widespread fear of welfare reform uprooting London families and communities

CPAG, Families on the brink: welfare reform in London (PDF) A new report from CPAG looks at the impact of welfare reform in London, from the perspective of local authorities, advice services and parents. It finds that families are struggling and are unsure how they will afford to stay living in their area; and there is a [Read more]

DWP London benefit cap pilots: show cap most likely to affect single parents, households with 3 or more children

Benefit cap – number of households capped across phased area Local Authorities data to May 2013 (3 July 2013) (PDF) Background The Government has introduced a cap on the total amount of benefit that working- age households can receive so that, broadly, households on out-of-work benefits will no longer receive more in welfare payments than [Read more]

Local Authority UC pilots: debt, internet access, and ineffective local partnerships are biggest challenges

Local Authority Led Pilots: A summary of early learning from the pilots, July 2013 (PDF) From CESI: The Department for Work and Pensions has published a summary of early learning from the Local Authority Led Pilots on the design and roll-out of Universal Credit. The learning from these pilots is said to inform the ongoing design [Read more]

Gingerbread surveys single parents on how they are coping financially

Survey link: As part of its Paying the Price research project, Gingerbread would like to hear from single parents about: How you are finding managing your money What changes are affecting your household budget Any advice or help you have sought for managing your money. The survey looks at how single parents are managing financially (questions draw [Read more]