Rigid flexibility: the work of the Working Families Legal Advice Service in 2014

Blog post written by Tom Owen, volunteer at LVSC   The Working Families Legal Advice Service provides advice and information to working families, and coaches callers on discussions with their employers to help them remain in work. Working Families recently published a briefing reviewing the performance of its services over the last year, alongside policy [Read more]

TSRC briefing: International insights into job creation in the social economy

From the Third Sector Research Centre: There has been much political interest in the role of the social economy, or third sector, in providing jobs and supporting vulnerable people into the workforce. Although social economy organisations (SEOs) make a significant contribution to employment, jobs in the social economy are often precarious and low paid. Many SEOs, [Read more]

The changing face of VCS employment: increases in temporary and part-time work

From Skills Third Sector: The voluntary sector’s paid workforce experienced a slight fall in the second quarter of this year. Latest analysis of the Labour Force Survey (LFS) shows that the number of paid employees in the sector decreased by approximately 4,000 over March to June 2012. This represents a decrease of just 0.6% on [Read more]

Delivering health improvement through the workplace: Supporting local action in London

This toolkit has been developed primarily for public health practitioners, but with relevance for a range of professions from economic development to occupational health and human resources. Download the toolkit here. The report synthesises existing evidence and mechanisms to collect and translate data to inform action on health improvement through the workplace. This publication is [Read more]

New research confirms that VCS workers are still more satisfied with their jobs than others

Non-profit sector employees have often reported a higher level of job satisfaction than workers in other sectors. New economic research confirms this, identifying what is often seen as the ‘warm glow’ of working in the voluntary sector. Research from Third Sector Research Centre shows that while the voluntary sector premium in job satisfaction has reduced [Read more]

London’s business case for employee health and well-being

GLA Economics has published a report making the case to London business for improved employee health and well-being, focusing on the impact that workplace wellness programmes can have on ill-health. A workplace wellness or employee well-being programme is defined as a programme that combines three components: health and safety, managing ill health and prevention of [Read more]

Paying a living wage would only add 1% to big companies’ wage bills

New research by think tanks IPPR and the Resolution Foundation has found that for FTSE companies in banking, construction and computing, the extra costs of paying all staff at least a living wage would be tiny, adding just 1% or less to the total wage bill. For other major low-wage employers in sectors such as [Read more]

Free Flexible Job Design helpdesk launched by Timewise/Women Like Us

A new Flexible Job Design helpdesk has been launched by Timewise, a new recruitment social enterprise launched by Women Like Us. The helpdesk has been developed to provide employers with free and impartial guidance in the creation and design of flexible and part time roles to help stimulate the part time recruitment market. This launch [Read more]