BTEG: Capital Volunteers Project

Capital Volunteers


Capital Volunteers is a new project, funded by City Bridge, that  will enable  BAME young people (aged 18-30)  to be better equipped to volunteer and to maximise the opportunity presented to them in their placement.

Through a combination of 1-2-1 support, development workshops, goal setting and appropriate volunteering placements the programme will :

  • assist  young people to realise their potential
  • support them with their personal development
  • help them to develop core competencies for any work environment

As well as individuals the project will also support and strengthen established BAME organisations in London to be better placed to take on volunteers and to maximise this resource.

BTEG will host workshops for BAME organisations that currently use or intend to use volunteers to enable them to:

  • better understand the needs and motivations of volunteers
  • recruit the right person for a volunteering role
  • better manage and support their volunteer base

The recruitment of the first cohort of young people and the training schedule for BAME VCS organisations will be promoted in the coming days.

For more information contact:

Follow on Twitter for updates: @CapitalVol