The First Class Third Sector – training for managers

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The Third Sector is leading the way in the development of its managers. Its leaders recognise that navigating these rapidly changing times requires innovation, entrepreneurialism and values-driven growth – all areas where the Third Sector excels.

But to help us through the changing times ahead, our sector needs individualised, responsive and accessible training that recognises both the unique skills and the unique challenges within our sector: the diversity of staff and the diversity of experience; the diverse demands of job roles, the time pressures.

And that’s exactly what the First Class Third Sector offers.

Following a successful pilot in March 2015, we are now in a position to roll the programme out across the country. Created, designed and delivered with Third Sector expertise and input from the outset, the First Class Third Sector is an exciting new approach to professional development designed for colleagues who already have experience of leading a team.

The First Class Third Sector experience will help you lead, manage, inspire and innovate in these rapidly changing and increasingly challenging times.

We’ll be delivering the programme in London, Cambridge and Bristol between September 2015 and February 2016. Training is free for colleagues in the Third Sector, Adult Safeguarded Learning sector and private training providers with government contracts under £2 million p.a.

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